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ABC News reports alarming vaccine storage facts

If critical refrigerator temperatures go out of range, a facility risks not just the loss of essential, costly medical supplies but can also result in fines, lawsuits or litigation.

Samsung Medison – New Vision into Life

SamSung Medison aims to be the world’s top 4 diagnostic ultrasound firms. Advanced ultrasound system, ranging from ‘Accuvix’ and ‘SonoAce’ series to a laptop-sized ultra-compact diagnostic system, are available to government users at GSA Schedule prices on GSAMart.

HeartMath Tools & Appreciation Fund for Military Service

Besides tools and technology that are utilized in veteran and military facilities to help service members and veterans manage stress and PTSD, HeartMath also establishes a military service appreciation fund to provide them free programs and services.

Video: HeartMath’s new emWave2 Stress Reliever

HeartMath emWave2 Personal Stress Reliever – portable and convenient way to reduce stress, balance emotions and increase performance

Video: Lumenis SLT therapy for glaucoma

Lumenis explores what glaucoma is, and how it can be treated effectively using Lumenis SLT therapy.

Video: Measuring the World

Today you will likely use a product that has been tested or measured by Agilent Technologies: your cell phone, the digital network, your drinking water, your prescription drugs. In your lifetime, countless Agilent innovations will affect you – through nanotechnology, drug discovery, disease research and communications assurance.